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c●ording to the Min○istry of Com■merce.It was■ also deci○ded at the meet○ing that investment ●facilitation wi〓ll be enhanced■ based on i○nternational ◆standards. T■he negative li○st in the mark

rs as autom●obiles,

et● access of● foreign investors 〓will be revised an■d released before ■July 1.Provincial g◆overnments w〓ill be given the ■authority to set ○up or alte●r the businesses

shipping ves?/h2>

●of foreign-invest◆ed enterprises with ◆total inve■stment of $1 bill○ion or less. Filing○ requirements● in the pilot progr■am will be re●laxed to give e〓ligible multinati●onal companie

魋els and aircraft● wil

s 〓greater flex◆ibility in manag●ing their foreig●n currency capi○tal in China.■Permitting pro◆cedures for■ foreign talent will○ be simplified, a■nd eligibl●e fore

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tly im●plemented.The me◆chan

ign employees● hired by enterpri●ses registe●red in Chi■na will get work● visas within two wo◆rkdays.Li called〓 for a sense of u●rgency in attra〓cting foreign inv●estment, including b〓igger steps in exp◆anding opening-up◆ and tackling pro●tectionis

ism regar〓d

ing qualified o○verseas inves

  • tors〓 will be expa○nded. Thi
  • s ○will encourage◆ such invest●
  • ors to participate i〓n futures tr
  • adi◆ng of crude oil● and iron
  • ore ○and provide more s○upport

to foreig◆n-invested f

ina●ncial inst○itutions in underwr●itin

  • m.It ●also was de●cided

    g local govern●ment bonds.○"
  • that〓 the legitimat●e

    We must striv■e to preserve 〓C
  • interests of fore●ign inves

    hina's status as a◆ major desti
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